Project Management

New ideas and opportunities sometimes emerge without completed structures in place that can lead to mistakes. 35th Street Consulting can provide short term management support in the following areas:

  • Providing effective and responsive transitional leadership
  • Workflow management to ensure key goals are met in a timely manner
  • Facilitating working groups
  • Ensuring effective communication between partners
  • Documenting work process, procedures and feedback
  • Investigating best practices to ensure the most effective project protocols for the task at hand are implemented
  • Outlining goals, objectives and evaluation strategy

Project Evaluation

35th Street Consulting can work with organizations to create effective and achievable evaluation plans to determine efficacy, cost effectiveness, return on investment, and identify opportunities for expansion.

We are able to serve as an external evaluator, or provide technical assistance to ensure compliance with outside funders’ evaluation requirements. 

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

35th Street Consulting brings a unique perspective combining public health research with broad experience in community development at the grassroots, municipal, federal and international level.  Combining experience in academic research, hands on application at the street level, and federal and international policy experience, 35th Street Consulting has the breadth and rigor to create a responsive and practical solutions that prove useful to organizational leaders, staff and clients.

35th Street Consulting can provide the following research services:

  • Quantitative analysis of secondary data sources
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Community survey design
  • Participatory action research

Strategic Capacity Building

35th Street Consulting will work with organizations to bring fresh eyes and a global perspective to assess and invigorate organizational strategy and design. 35th Street Consulting designs pathways for current staff to build the skills and confidence to lead their teams through transition.


35th Street Consulting can provide one-on-one coaching for senior managers, executives or emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Capacity Building Philosophy

35th Street Consulting is committed to the concept of accompaniment – once research and team building determines a strategic direction, we will accompany staff until the confidence and routine is built to move your team to the next level.


35th Street Consulting provides facilitation and trainings designed to build organizational capacity for staff, clients, and volunteers of all ages and experience.  35th Street Consulting specializes in working to strengthen core competencies in the following areas:

  • Using data to drive decision-making
  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative sources and uses
  • Fund development
  • Program planning
  • Evaluation design

Community and Supportive Services Design for Neighborhood Transformation

Through hands on experience and up to date research on current best practices and public policy opportunities, 35th Street Consulting provides technical assistance that retains roots, and revitalizes neighborhoods.  Providing assistance to housing authorities, developers and community development corporations undergoing or interested in undertaking neighborhood revitalization projects, 35th Street Consulting provides technical assistance to design community and supportive services process that:

  • Build the capacity of the initial residents
  • Minimize displacement
  • Generate opportunities to create civic integration
  • Work towards facilitating a sustainable mixed income community
  • Create strategies that are inclusive and supportive of youth input and engagement
  • Include practical evaluation tools to measure efficacy and adjust as the environment evolves